Emma Miloyo

Part 28 of a month-long celebration of Women’s History Month 

Emma Miloyo was born in Nairobi and graduated from Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology in 2006. She is a partner in the firm Design Source, which she founded in 2007 with her university classmate (and now husband), Chris Naicca. Design Source has built in Kenya, South Africa, Nigeria and Tanzania. A strong advocate for girls’ education and women in architeture, Miloyo works with impovershed communities through the Ex-Bomarian Education Trust Fund as well as other philanthropic boards, and has also founded a kindgergardten. The first woman to chair the Architectural Association of Kenya (as of 2015), she focuses on making the work of urban planning more evident to the public, and advocates for public awareness of design professionals. Miloyo won a 2015 Eisenhower Fellowship to study environmental sustainabilty of urban areas, smart cities, successful IT hubs, and professional mentorshp programs.

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