Shahira Fahmy

Part 30 of a month-long celebration of Women’s History Month 

Born in Egypt, Shahira Fahmy (b. 1974) earned degrees in architecture in 1997 and 2004, graduating with honors and winning prizes in theory and structures. After working for an engineering firm for several years, she founded Shahira Fahmy Architects (SFA) in Cairo in 2005. In addition to many local projects, the firm has also won competitions for projects in Switzerland and England. SFA’S highly collaborative design team works in virtually all scales from furniture design to city planning.

A significant architect in the Arab world, Fahmy has exhibited in Abu Dhabi, Cairo, London, Milan and Alexandria, and has taught at Cairo and Columbia Universities. She won the Medina Design Excellence Award for furniture design in 2000 and was a finalist for the Architect of the year Award in the UK in 2007. She won the Bibliotheca Alexandrina Young Architect Award in 2005, the Loeb Fellowship at the Harvard GSD in 2015 and the Berkman Fellowship for Internet and Society in 2016. For the latter, her research focused on architecture’s agency in supporting and threatening citizen rights and democracy in general.

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