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we’re five!

Happy Birthday, Matters of Taste, and congratulations on five years of celebrating martyrs and dogs and architects’ birthdays (here’s looking at you, birthday-buddy Francesco Borromini), castigating Barbie dolls and men’s feet, assessing the architecture of Lord of … Continue reading

25 September 2014 · Leave a comment

a walk on Brick Lane

Brick Lane is not unique among the streets of the world in the fact that it bears the evidence of shifting demographics, but it is certainly a fantastically diverse and … Continue reading

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hero: Coco Chanel

What an inspiring and accomplished woman: truly one of the twentieth century’s great icons of taste–at least the skin-deep kind.  Pity about the whole Nazi-sympathizing thing.  

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the Andersonville water tower

It’s been a long, long time since the Andersonville neighborhood of Chicago was home to the majority of Swedish immigrants who gave the place its original identity and enduring name. … Continue reading

20 March 2014 · 2 Comments

thinking about the profession on International Women’s Day

As you know, International Women’s Day was founded in the early twentieth century in places where socially-progressive people sought to acknowledge, celebrate and encourage women’s contributions in all aspects of … Continue reading

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I am an enthusiast on the subject of the arts

You see I am an enthusiast on the subject of the arts. But it is an enthusiasm of which I am not ashamed, as its object is to improve the … Continue reading

17 February 2014 · 1 Comment

distracted at the movies: “Thor 2″ edition

What happens when representatives of a brightly-colored, impossibly-sweet species grow up and experience too many temptations and challenges in their transition to adulthood? Are the Dark Elves just Teletubbies gone … Continue reading

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stop the madness: enough with the pumpkin spice everything already

Once upon a time we welcomed the change of season, especially the advent of autumn, for the sudden chill in the air that was still warmed by a golden sun, … Continue reading

13 October 2013 · 2 Comments

you can learn pretty much everything you need to learn about the history of architecture from the Lord of the Rings

Peter Jackson’s trilogy of 2001-2-3 is more than a sweeping, gorgeous adaptation of J. R. R. Tolkien’s books, and more than a massive magnet of critical acclaim, public adulation and … Continue reading

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