veep bingo

It’s a rare event that permits a person to be in good taste when they’re not wearing shoes, but that is the case with inviting friends over, or just gathering the family around the tube, to watch the debates leading up to the elections in November.  Political awareness and civic engagement–i.e., taking part in a dialogue–is tasty business.  However, offending your friends and scaring your children with a rant against one of the candidates, his party, the two-party system itself . . . that’s to be avoided.

Best to take it in, discuss, and avoid the pundits who demand that everyone name a winner.  Resist the temptation of either drowning in Paul Ryan’s baby blues or being dazzled by Joe Biden’s pearly whites.  Join us in a genteel evening of sharing ideas and keeping it light.  Because we can spin a social event out of just about anything, and know a game for every occasion, join us at MoT by partaking in a few rounds of Veep Bingo on debate night.  Just click and print the cards below; for tokens, maybe use M&Ms (make that truffles for you one-percenters among the readership).  And once the debate is over, for Heaven’s sake, put your shoes back on.



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