the baker’s twelve days of christmas (the view from the kitchen)

The following is the thirteenth installment of the Baker’s Twelve Days of Christmas posted previously (click here)–making it a baker’s dozen.  Get it?!

After that earlier post’s celebration of baked goodness from around the world, we give you the view from the kitchen.  Behold:

By the twelfth day of Christmas, my baking had given to me:

Twelve dried-out muffins

Eleven runny puddings

Ten burned-up biscuits

Nine soggy pie crusts

Eight deflated yeast loaves

Seven fallen soufflés

Six tearful breakdowns

Five hissy fits!

Four abrasions

Three knife cuts

Two blistered burns

And Christmas Eve in the E.R.

Artwork: “The Biscuit Fire” by skorchomatik

(part of a series on the Popped Culture site; check it out)


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